About me

Let's find out about me.

Manolis Angelakis

Founder & CDO

I was born and grew up in the best place to live in the world, Sitia !!!! The beautiful landscape, the traditional way of life, the rich history from the Minoan era till our days , the ideal climate and the most important thing, the hospitality that you can feel in every part of Sitia makes me to decide to live and work here . My hobbies are Fishing (either from Land or by Boat) , Hiking and Cycling in our area. I have been working in alternative tourism for a number of years with a passion for the environment, nature and with an active lifestyle. I started a business – Fit in Crete – offering different active experiences, such as hiking, fishing and cultural tours. I seek out hard-to-find places to be able to share these hidden gems with visitors. For this reason from 2018 I am an official Partner of Unesco’s Sitia Geopark.